Teenagers worldwide are now drinking more alcohol, more often, and at a younger age. It has now become part of the youth culture in developing countries.

Drinking is associated with all sorts of problems: violence, road accidents, depression, and even the risky sexual behaviour that can lead to the spread of diseases such as AIDS.

Chido, Michelle, Matipa, Tendai, Cuthbert and Silas are all 16 or 17 and from Zimbabwe. They talked to Nomsa Mwamuka about why drinking is a favourite pastime and how it fits in with their culture today. 

One of the reasons why populations are increasing in the capital cities of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is because more people are moving in from the rural areas.

Often they go in search of work – long-term drought and political changes mean there is less land, less water and less jobs. They leave behind the century-old traditions of a semi-nomadic pastoralist lifestyle.

Guturo, Joyce, Tabitha, Mark and John talk about how their lives have changed since they've been living in the cities.

In many African countries it's hard to come out and live openly as a gay teenager. Some societies don't even admit that homosexuality exists.

In Zimbabwe for example, President Mugabe once said that homosexuals were like pigs and dogs.

So how do gay teenagers there respond to that and can they live openly in such an atmosphere?